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Very Important

Residential Construction (VERY IMPORTANT) $250,000 - $500,000 FRONT ONLY

Project Summary:

There is nothing better than sitting in your own backyard on a beautiful summer day! This property was built with luxury in mind; by using a variety of techniques, we were able to transform this boring landscape, into an opulent backyard oasis. Accessing different areas of this property is a breeze during the summer days but what about during the cold winter months? For this property, it’s not a problem at all thanks to the heated walkways; these walkways reduce the need for manual snow removal! Another feature that makes this backyard a breeze is the automatic pool cover. This pool is also equipped with a gorgeous feature wall that houses two water sheers and under-mount pot lights. The stone pillars give this feature wall a rich essence that compliment the patterns used around the property. What really lets this pool pop, is the use of diamond inlays with turf surrounding the large 32 x 32 stones. The mixture of stone and turf works as a low-maintenance, quick-drying option that keeps the pool and surrounding area clean and free of debris. This pool also features a tanning ledge that works as the perfect place to relax and soak. To create cohesion between the pool area and the remaining backyard space, we used a large Permacon Sky grey paver; this made the remaining space look complete while acting as a clean foundation for a dining area and barbeque space. No backyard oasis Is complete without lighting and planting; up-lighting was installed on the trees planted around the perimeter of the property with the side walkways included. These allow the details of the beech trees, hydrangeas and boxwood shrubs to shine all night long!

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