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Stepping into

Stepping into Paradise - Residential construction $500,000 – $1 million

Step into the dream! This backyard fantasy required innovation and creativity as a result of the complex nature of the property. Sitting on a 15-foot rolling hill, our designers were tasked with turning a plunging landscape into the oasis of our clients’ dreams! 

The prominent feature of this charming backyard getaway is the all season, fully enclosed, two story cabana. Our clients have the luxury of a home away from home! The inside of this luxurious pool house is equipped with a full bathroom, kitchenette, HVAC system and just enough room to kick back on the murphy bed. The exterior of the pool house features an outdoor audio system, stunning pot lights and frameless glass windows that provide a spectacular view from and to the pool! The first story of the pool house acts as both the mechanical and storage room, giving our clients the means to fully optimize the 500 square feet of space this beautiful cabana offers!

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As our clients walk down the opulent cavaliere concrete steps, their walkway is illuminated by built in undermount lighting. With each step, our clients and their guests experience a warm glow from beneath while the frameless glass railings provide a modern finish. The experience does not stop there! Parelle to the steps, a pool that gives a chic yet elegant twist on a classic! Featuring a retaining wall that homes shrubs and small cedar trees which adds the perfect pop of colour to the cool tone colour scheme of the pool and cabana. A stunning water feature provides movement and enhances the outdoor spa experience both visually and audibly. This retaining wall mirrors the uniquely crafted heiring bone pattern that is used on the surrounding landscape. Large 16 x 32 silver-white pavers give this backyard a clean base that compliments the grey shades used for the cabana and homes the beige brick.

To add another interesting visual element, designers laid soft turf between large silver white pavers and planted lush cedar and dawyck purple trees around the perimeter of the property. The use of turf and large pavers works perfectly as a low maintenance option for our busy homeowners who expressed their desires for an easy-care backyard. 

To give this backyard the spotlight it deserves, we placed landscape lighting strategically around the property. From the up lighting on the dawyck purple trees, to the gorgeous spa lighting in both the pool and water feature. This property proves that even seemingly impossible feats can be overcome with a little Kreativity.

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