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A Work Of Art

Residential Construction (A Work of Art) $100,000 - $250,000

Project Summary:

By utilizing the natural landscape of this property, we were able to bring this work of art to life! The most notable detail comes from the herringbone pattern used to create the half-moon walkway. This walkway is a unique addition that can admired from the entrance of the driveway and the front porch. The use of dark and light stone against the dark asphalt makes for a visually interesting element; these different textures and tones give purpose to the different areas within the front property. As you ascend the front driveway, past the walkway, our homeowners and their guests are greeted with a natural stone porch. We used natural stone for this massive porch and steps to fit the needs of our homeowners; who desired a material that was low maintenance and durable yet unique and beautiful. This property included the charm of mature trees. We utilized the existing nature, mixed with landscape lighting and stone material to enhance and highlight their beauty. Up-lighting also allows anyone who drives by to view just how grand this entrance is!

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