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Torrey Pines Golf Club

Residential Construction (Torrey Pines Golf Club) $250,000 - $500,000

Project Summary:

Life is short, swing hard! Our golf-loving homeowners wanted to bring the beauty of the course to their backyard while keeping the front of the property modern and simple. The custom walkway adds detail to the stunning property. Midnight black pavers with sky-grey inlays work to compliment the existing driveway; what takes this front walkway to new heights is the detail of the chevron pattern. Boxwood shrubs, Mondo grass and hydrangeas that edge the driveway and along the front walkway are the perfect addition, adding lush, full colour. We added a feature wall that is equipped with undermount lighting; this wall functions as an interesting visual that provides stunning soft light. Walking to the back of the property, our homeowners and their guests feel an immediate sense of calmness. From the soft shades of green to the natural stone, this backyard gives the same breath of fresh air luxury golf courses exude. We laid natural grass along with artificial turf around the perimeter of the property. The use of artificial turf was vital when building the low-maintenance, easy-to-use mini-put area. Artificial turf was also used between the diamond pavers; this added a cohesive flow to the surrounding area without the hassle of natural grass in small areas. Gorgeous planting was added to the perimeter of the property; green and purple beech trees add colour and horizontal dimension while assorted shrubs add fullness beneath the trees. The addition of the in-ground garden bed adds flow from the front of the property to the back. The back of the property also had stunning garden beds with the addition of a seating area, walkway and waterfall built with large grey pavers.


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