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Kenneth Morgan Pools Pool Closing


Many people are choosing to keep their pools open longer as an open pool is much nicer to look at than a closed one. If you have a lot of leaves falling into the pool and lazy kids, you may choose to close at this time. As long as the water is circulating you will not have to worry about “freeze ups” for a long time, until it gets very cold.

  • Add shock upon arrival to ensure circulation
  • Inspect pool equipment and notify the client if any items need replacing or repairing
  • Backwash sand filtered pools
  • Turn off power supply breaker and ensure pump and equipment is shut off
  • Pump water to required low level height
  • Removal of all drain plugs on pool equipment
  • Removal and rinding of cartridge filter
  • Emptying of all baskets, skimmer and pump
  • Removal of pool line fittings
  • Blow air through all pool lines to ensure all water is removed
  • Anti-freeze
  • Instillation of gizmo and winterizing plugs
  • Instillation of winter cover


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