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Weekend at Steve's

Weekend At Steves - A Harmonious Fusion of Intimacy and Opulence - residential construction - $100,000 - $250,000

Project Overview: “Weekend At Steve’s” is an exquisite project that weaves together intimacy and opulence, centered around an intimate liner pool adorned with an integrated 3 sheer waterfall. This captivating oasis achieves a seamless synergy between functionality and luxury, offering a haven of tranquility. The pool deck, meticulously crafted with a silver white Rinox coping stone and Rinox Mist interlocking stone, sets the stage for sophistication. A thoughtfully constructed cabana stands as a testament to meticulous planning, providing an ideal space for hosting and entertainment. The carefully selected planting not only adds a natural touch but also softens the entire oasis, completing the dreamlike ambiance.

Intimate Liner Pool with Integrated 3 Sheer Waterfall: At the heart of “weekend at Steve’s” lies an intimate liner pool, designed to evoke a sense of closeness and serenity. The pool is adorned with an integrated 3 sheer waterfall, creating a visual and auditory masterpiece. This fusion of water elements not only enhances the functionality of the pool but also elevates the entire oasis to a luxurious retreat.

Crafted Pool Deck with Silver White Rinox Coping Stone and Rinox Mist Interlocking Stone: The pool deck is a masterpiece in itself, meticulously crafted with a silver white Rinox coping stone and Rinox Mist interlocking stone. The silver white coping stone adds a touch of elegance and definition to the pool, while the Mist interlocking stone in a carefully planned pattern contributes to the overall visual appeal. This combination of materials ensures both durability and aesthetic sophistication.

Meticulously Constructed Cabana for Hosting and Entertainment: A focal point of “Weekend at Steves” is the meticulously constructed cabana, designed with hosting and entertainment in mind. This versatile space provides shade, comfort, and a perfect setting for gatherings. Thoughtful details, such as seating arrangements and ambient lighting, make the cabana an integral part of the dreamlike oasis, extending the possibilities for leisure and socializing.

Natural Planting Softening the Oasis: Carefully selected planting surrounds the oasis, creating a natural and lush environment. The greenery not only softens the hardscape but also adds a touch of tranquility and freshness to the space. Each plant is strategically placed to complement the design, providing a harmonious integration of nature into the luxurious retreat.

Key Features:

  1. Intimate Liner Pool: The intimate liner pool sets the tone for tranquility and closeness, featuring an integrated 3 sheer waterfall.
  2. Crafted Pool Deck: Meticulously crafted with a silver white Rinox coping stone and Mist interlocking stone, the pool deck combines durability with aesthetic sophistication.
  3. Meticulously Constructed Cabana: The cabana, designed for hosting and entertainment, stands as a versatile and stylish space within the oasis.
  4. Natural Planting: Carefully selected planting surrounds the oasis, adding a natural touch and softening the overall environment.



  • Tranquil Retreat: The intimate liner pool and 3 sheer waterfall create a tranquil oasis, inviting moments of relaxation and closeness.
  • Sophisticated Pool Deck: The crafted pool deck with silver white coping stone and Mist interlocking stone provides a durable and aesthetically pleasing surface.
  • Versatile Cabana: The meticulously constructed cabana enhances the oasis, providing a versatile space for hosting, entertainment, and relaxation.
  • Harmonious Planting: Thoughtfully selected planting not only softens the hardscape but also adds a touch of nature, contributing to the overall harmony of the oasis.

“Weekend at Steve’s” is a captivating project that transcends the ordinary, combining intimacy and opulence to create a harmonious retreat. From the intimate liner pool with its integrated 3 sheer waterfall to the meticulously crafted pool deck and the versatile cabana, every element is thoughtfully designed. The carefully selected planting adds a natural feel, softening the oasis and completing the dreamlike ambiance. In “Tayside Dreams,” residents find a haven where functionality seamlessly merges with luxury, creating an enchanting space for leisure, entertainment, and cherished moments of intimacy.

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