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Simplicity at its

Simplicity at its finest - Residential construction $100,000 – $250, 000

Beauty often comes from the simple pleasures! This straightforward design makes enjoying summer days easy. It was vital that we made the main feature of this landscape beautiful, functional and luxurious. Equipped with a tanning ledge and stairs to the deep end, this pool gives our homeowners the ultimate swimming experience. Stunning white pavers floating between river rock, leads guests to a stunning tanning ledge that homes two bubblers. These bubblers are a perfect addition to Laminar deck jets that give this backyard the calming nature our clients desire.

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Elegant heiring bone pavers in silver white with a beautiful pop of midnight black around the boarders compliment the overall composition of the landscape. Our clients expressed their desire to maintain a minimalist design that is both clean and uncluttered. This design style was in inspiration behind constructing the outdoor kitchen space with the perfect amount of room to barbeque in comfort and style. With a built-in barbeque, outdoor porcelain tiles and granite counter tops this kitchen provides our lucky homeowners with space to entertain while keeping it sleek and modern.

Landscape lighttight throughout the property gives this backyard style and grace without adding clutter or taking away from our clients’ desire for a simplistic atmosphere. Our designers utilized various aspects of up lighting on the stunning cedar trees that surround the perimeter of the property. We also used white spa lighting in both the bubblers and Laminar deck jets to create a modern ambiance. Charactered by simplicity, this backyard is a representation of the phrase “less is more”. 

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