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The Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa - Residential construction $500,000 – $1million

This stunning masterpiece is a true work of art! Transforming this space to the oasis of our clients’ dreams required all the bells and whistles. Beginning at the front portion of the property, our designers used high-quality material that truly reflects the luxurious motif of the home. Solider boarders that follow the perimeter of the asphalt driveway work perfectly to define the elegant black granite flagstone used for main outdoor entrance. A mixture of hydrangeas, boxwood shrubs, white hairgrass, green beech trees and iris flowers fill the surrounding landscape that provides a vibrate yet fresh feel to this stunning front lawn.

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Making your way to the back portion of the property, homeowners and their guests walk into a breathtaking outdoor living experience that transcends what most think is possible! Welcomed by a gorgeous pool, parallel to a cabana crafted to exude luxury! Our homeowners used one word to describe such an entrance… “WOW!”. This cabana includes stainless steel appliances and a gorgeous silver antique black countertop. Pot lighting, a built-in barbeque and, both audio and visual entertainment system makes this cabana the perfect spot to escape the sun on those hot summer days! And for those cool nights, the exterior has a one of a kind woodburning fireplace which acts a great spot to warm up after a swim! The brick matching the main house makes this cabana look and feel like an effortless addition to the home. Surrounding the pool and cabana, large silver-white pavers compliment the black granite coping around the pool.

Our clients expressed their inspiration came from Villa Cimbrone, an 11th century building located in the south of Italy. We designed this backyard to emulate its mature vegetation but added a modern twist by utilizing soft turf between small charcoal pavers. Along the fence, green beech trees were used to add height accompanied by iris flowers, hydrangeas, purple corbels and boxwood shrubs around the property to further define the vivid beauty of the greenery. Vines were planted to give a rustic, mature appeal to give an added layer of visual interest. Landscape lighting throughout allows homeowners and their guests to enjoy the beautiful foliage through the evening hours. Another inspiration drawn from the historic building is the unique open terrace floating above the backyard. What makes this terrace a fantastic feature, the soft turf and frameless railing that truly brings true elevation to the outdoors.

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