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The Resort Where You Can Do Anything!

The Resort Where you can do Anything! - special construction $500,000

This massive property went from a grassy landscape to a vacation like getaway! 

Walking into this large space, the possibilities were endless. From water and fire features to landscape lighting, this project defines elegance. The homeowners had a unique vision of creating a vacation-resort like atmosphere. By laying turf in-between large 48×32 pavers and surrounding the pool area with boxwood shrubs and hydrangeas, we were able to soften and compliment the greenery of the surrounding landscape. This technique was used to enhance the existing vegetation. This private backyard’s prominent element includes a modernly designed pool that features a centre tanning ledge with steps leading into the pool. Other water features include stunning bubblers, used in creating a wonderful calming effect not only visually but audibly! Another key feature used is landscape lighting! Installing LED lights throughout the turf between the pavers ensures a perfectly luminate walkway. 

This luxury oasis was not just made for warm summer days but cool summer nights. Our clients expressed their love for summer evenings and what is better during the cooler hours than a firepit! We installed a custom built firepit adjacent to the pool to ensure the perfect spot to warm up after a swim!

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The front portion of the property follows similar themes of grand yet modern and elegance. The clients expressed privacy as essential, so this beautifully designed gate was the perfect way to achieve the privateness they desired. The front gate functions to provide security which is also stunning highlight from the street view. The gate features heiring bone brick with precast limestone that compliments the solider boarders, interlock pad and, banding around the asphalt driveway. 

Driving into the property, our clients and their guests are greeted with a charming circular garden bed; filled with pink hydrangeas and pyramidal oaks trees. Soft landscape lighting is used throughout to brighten and emphasize features such as the beautiful cedar and pine trees, the large-scale driveway and the circular garden bed! 

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