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La Bella Vida

La Bella Vida - Residential construction $250,000 – $500,000 Lighting over $10,000 – $30,000

Landscape Lighting- Lighting is the leading element that separates this modern masterpiece from the rest. We designed this entire project with summer evenings in mind! Our clients expressed that their vision included creating an entertainment space that could attend to guests all night long. The lighting experience begins at your very first step! Undermount lighting was used around both retaining walls to ensure both a luminate and safe walk to the outdoor sports court! The combination of water features and LED colour changing spa lights elevate the visual environment with an artistry of illuminated color, even viewed from inside the home. Laminar deck jets and multi-coloured bubblers creates a breathtaking visual experience, providing added movement to both water and colour. Plant lighting throughout both the front and back of the property promotes a balance between the contemporary design and fresh, natural greenery throughout the property. 

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Innovation and modern design make this backyard one of a kind! 

Our clients fell in love with the concept of creating a unique space that would be a crowd pleaser. We designed this beautiful property with the intent to provide the perfect space for party going and entertainment alike. From the moment you step onto the property, homeowners and their guests are greeted with a stunning custom gas firepit which acts as a striking element complimenting the uniquely designed home. The theme of fire continues in the backyard with not one, but two fire features built into the retaining wall which homes a spa like waterfall and two Laminar deck jets. The fire and water features work to provide a striking component to the pool while perfectly illuminating the luscious dawyck beech trees. The use of large white coloured pavers gives this stunning space a clean, modern touch that perfectly complements the natural stone used to construct both the water feature wall and steps. Installing a technically sound pool equipped with an automatic pool cover, spa jets and a perfectly tailored tanning ledge pushes this backyard beyond just visually appealing to an innovated beauty.  

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