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Weekend at

Weekend at Steve’s - $150,000 - $250, 000

With clients who love to have fun and celebrate, we designed this property with ultimate entertainment in mind! Stunning large sky-grey pavers with a charcoal grey boarder act as the perfect foundation that compliments every detail of this property! Surrounding the flawless square shaped pool, we set diamond patterned pavers that mirror the water feature wall make for a flawless uniform that gives this backyard the character and flow. Speaking of flow, a 7ft water sheer works as the perfect element to compliment the elegance and timeless of a rectangle pool.

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Adjacent to the pool, an incredible cabana that is truly one of a kind! Equipped with an outdoor audio system, a full bathroom and bar featuring a unique roll up door. The cabana also works as a source of light with modern pot lights installed on both the inside and outside of the structure. This cabana is the perfect hub to gather around and share a few laughs! 

Landscape lighting is installed throughout the perimeter of the property, casting a soft glow on the surrounding boxwood shrubs, ryegrass and green beech trees. Multi-coloured LED spa are used in both the pool and in the waterfall to give these partygoers that extra element of excitement and fun!

Parallel the pool, soft turf sits between steppingstones, adding touch of dimension to every step! On the other side of the pool, a strip of turf that compliments the frameless glass railing that keep guests from protected from a steep decline. One of the main challenges of this project was working on a rolling hill; evening out the lot was difficult task although we ensured both the safety of our homeowners and their guests while creating a perfectly even base.

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